Clean Energy and Agriculture Incubation Program
Supporting entrepreneurs and innovators
grow an innovative clean energy and agriculture business
Clean Energy and Agriculture Incubation Program
This is a 12 month Incubation Program for entrepreneurs and innovators to grow your clean energy and agriculture business.

The program will help you make your business a reality - we will support you with investment, mentoring, business training, co-working space, networking and investor introductions.
Who should participate?
Entrepreneurs with a business plan that enables clean energy in agriculture or rural areas, and are ready to scale up or have a prototype. You have your team already and you are looking for mentoring, coaching and some investment to help you take the leap to make your business a reality.
Why Participate?
Business Training
seed investment grant
Co-working Space
Investor Instructions
The Clean Energy and Agriculture Incubation program is designed to give you support over 12 months so your early business plan evolves to success. By the end of the year we want to see you with customers buying a product they love from you, your business has cashflow and a clear business plan for success - ready to take on investment.
Clean Energy and Agriculture Innovation
Agriculture is a resource intensive industry. It is also integral to the Cambodian economy.

There is a huge potential to have long-term financial and environmental benefits with the integration of clean energy and business model innovation.
How can we help you?
Applications for the program close on 30th November – this is enough time for you to develop your idea to prototype and business plan: ie validate your business idea and prepare a killer Incubator application!
Here's how we can help you:
You're interested but you want to know learn more about the challenges?

Do you want to learn more? We have created events to bring people together who are experts in agriculture and clean energy.
Come along to meet people involved in the sector who have the expertise and passion to help ignite and expand your interest and possibilities. They may be interested to join you in the journey!
Need Inspiration? Why not Hack it …?

Not everyone has a clean energy business idea in their head!
A Hackathon gives you the time and space to come up with a brilliant idea and explore it with a team.
At the Hackathon we will share the challenges and opportunities faced in agricultural and rural areas … and we have also found the right people who know this stuff who can mentor you!

Want to validate your concept?

You have a business idea but not sure if it'll fly: will it work?
The Pre-Incubation program is for entrepreneurs a rough idea of your business concept and you want to spend some time, supported by mentors, to see if the concept can fly. By the end, you'll know if it's a business you want to take forward and who in the team is committed to go with you!
Meet our Mentors
Ratha Chan
Country Director, Cambodia CPSA
Agriculture, Value Chain Market analysis and Business Development
Kep Ratana
PIN, Project Co-ordinator
agriculture, renewable energy marketing, sales, channels
Thida Kheav
Director, Solar Green Energy Cambodia
solar, water pumps, component manufacturing, sales
Antoine Denizart
Manager, SEVEA
solar and renewable energy business development
Buntong Borarin
Director of Research and Extension
Royal University of Agriculture
Noun Tum
Business Development and Partnership Manager
Agribusiness Development, Organic agriculture and Safe Food in Agriculture Development
Karan Sehgal
Renewable Energy Portfolio Manager, IFAD
Agriculture, renewable energy
Dr Sonnthida Sambath
Deputy head of agricultural engineering division, CARDI
Postharvest Physiologist of Horticulture
Incubator Launch and Info Event
Applications Open
26th August 2019
5:30 - 8:00 PM
Clean Energy and Agriculture Innovation Hackathon
21&22nd September
with 14th September 2019 Afternoon Briefing
Pre-Incubation Program
test the viability of your idea
and your team
Ocboter/November 2019
Clean Energy and Agriculture
Incubation Program
Applications Close
30 November 2019
Successful Applicants Announced
16 December 2019
Prototype/MVP Bootcamp Retreat
January 2020
Mentoring/Coaching 1:1 Jan - May
Customer Sales Bootcamp
May 2020
Mentoring/Coaching 1:1 May-August
Investment Bootcamp
August 2020
Mentoring/Coaching 1:1 Aug-December
Investor Introductions
November-December 2020
Application Process
Applications open on 26th August 2019

You will be asked to submit the following information:
  • About your Business Concept
  • About your Team and Commitment
Selection Process
1. Shortlisting: Applications will be assessed for eligibility and ranked against assessment criteria.
2. Mentor Review: shortlisted applications are assessed by EnergyLab mentor for an independent assessment of business potential.
3. Interview: In-person interview with Founding Team. Clarification of amount of funding required $2,000-10,000.
4. Check against UN Sanction list.
What we're looking for...
Existing start-ups or entrepreneurs with a business plan that enables clean energy in agriculture or rural areas, and are ready to scale up or have a prototype. This is not for teams at idea stage.
For your business:
  • Can you articulate the business clearly?
  • Is there a discernible customer?
  • Is the product feasible to reach the market within 12 months
  • Will the business/technology support clean energy for agriculture and in rural areas?
  • Will the business/technology contribute towards Cambodia meeting SDG7?
Here's what we're looking for in the Founding Team:
  • Are the founders committed to the business?
  • Does the founding team have experience and an edge
  • Can the Team deliver on their plan?
  • How coachable are the founders?
  • How willing are the team to do the hard things that are important to make the business succeed?
  • How fast have the founders been moving so far?
  • Will the team take advantage of the Incubation Program?

What if I just have an idea or don't have a prototype?
If you are at the idea stage or on your own wanting to entrepreneurs to work with:
join our Hackathon

If you want help to develop your prototype and validate your business concept or help to be ready for incubation phase:
join our Pre-Incubation Program
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