Clean Energy and Agriculture
Pre-Incubation Program
Designed to support business development and founder development as part of the EnergyLab Clean Energy and Agriculture Innovation Program
Why a Pre-Incubation Program?
This Pre-Incubation Program is a 6-week program designed to help entrepreneurs with their clean energy and agriculture business idea and prepare them to take their business to the next stage for investment. This program will support the capacity of Cambodian entrepreneurs, particularly the concept of clean energy for rural areas and productive uses, support early business and technology ideas to establish innovative businesses that contribute to the sustainable development of Cambodia.

The program runs across 6 weeks, with 4-6 half day sessions to evaluate and validate the business model and new technology. EnergyLab will provide business and technical assistance with mentors and advisors.
Who should participate?
Entrepreneurs with a business idea that enables clean energy and agriculture. Your business plan is developed and you are now ready to test the viability in the market. Teams can be 2-4 people. If you're on your own, we can help you find team members.
Applications Opened
14th September 2019
Applications Close
3rd October
Successful Candidates Announced
7th October
Workshop 1
12th October
19-20th October 2019
Workshops, Coaching and Mentoring
26 October, 2nd & 16th November

Final Workshop and Presentation
23rd November 2019
So …what is Clean Energy?
Energy used to be so boring … ..but with new low cost technologies, energy just got a whole lot more interesting ...and cleaner!
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