A program that connects Cambodian university or vocational students to internship opportunities at various Clean Energy companies in the country.

Application Period is Closed
What is Clean Energy Internship?
Clean Energy Internship is a program that connects Cambodian university or vocational students to internship opportunities for 3 months at various clean energy companies in the country.

The program will strengthen the students' professional and technical skills so that they are ready and qualified for their job in the future.
Who is eligible for the program?
- Must be a fresh graduate or student in their 4-5 years
- Nationality: Khmer
- Able to work full-time or part-time for 3 months during the program, tentatively from June to August, 2023 (The actual starting date will be discussed and agreed between the intern and the company)
- Committed to attend 5 days of training, and 3 mentorship sessions
- Demonstrate interest in clean energy, sustainability and environment


- Student or graduate from universities
- From the field that is matched with the position available
- Have minimum English proficiency

Why should you join?
Be part of a group of students and alumni working at clean energy companies
One week job readiness training
Mentoring support during the internship
$100 allowance to support you while you're an intern
Pathway to employment in a clean energy company
Opportunity to work in a company helping to improve the environment
What will you do?

  • Become an intern at selected companies for 3 months

  • Attend 5-days training at the beginning of the program

  • Attend 3 monthly mentorship sessions throughout the program
Internship Positions
There are 30 internship positions across 18 clean energy companies and organizations in Cambodia
for you to choose from.

Click on the name of companies and job positions to learn more
Tips for Completing Application Form
(1) Preview the questions beforehand
(2) Read the job description before applying
(3) Prepare your answers and required documents
(4) Have a final check before submitting the form
Components of the Internship Program
Job Readiness Training
Job Readiness Training is designed to strengthen students soft skills, introduce the students to technical aspects of clean energy and improve their employability. EnergyLab will provide
three-day of work-readiness training and two-day of technical training. The work-readiness training will focus on soft skill development such as self-knowledge, communication skills, time management skills, confidence, motivation, teamwork and more. The technical training will provide students with site visits and exposure to different clean energy technologies.
If you have any questions, please email our Program Coordinator, Ms. Vorn Pichchanseyla at [email protected]