EnergyLab Asia's programs are designed to shepherd entrepreneurs and early stage ventures through each step of their development. Our programs also support human capacity to grow the clean energy industry.
Whether it be early stage ideation, business model development or finance and mentoring for later stage ventures,
EnergyLab can offer customised support.

From day one, finding the right idea, building the best team and matching them with the perfect market is no accident. EnergyLab early-stage specific programs both locally and internationally to help facilitate this process.
The idea is sound, the market looks good – now the hard work begins as your idea flourishes into a business.

New startups need a range of specific support to maximise their chances of success. EnergyLab Asia is able to help in a variety of ways.
So you're open for business and things are going well, but where do you need to take your clean energy business next?

Whether you're local in Asia or an offshore business looking to access the Cambodian market, we have a range of programs and resources to help get you on the ground with the resources and networks to scale up and succeed.
International Landing Pad
EnergyLab Asia's coworking space is the ideal touch down point for international businesses to find their feet, access local resources, learn about the local economic and policy conditions and get up and running fast.
Business Coaching
Sometimes entrepreneurs are so close to their business they struggle to see the real priorities. Business coaching can help founders keep an eye on the big picture and facilitate introductions to the people and organisations that can take a business to the next level.
Investor Introductions
EnergyLab Asia can help entrepreneurs present their best case to the right investors for them. We can help refine your pitch and presentation and identify the right fit for your business.
We're also supporting the clean energy industry for the long term by investing in human capacity

As the clean energy industry continues to grow, so too does the requirement for human resources to support this growth. EnergyLab runs programs to inspire and support students and professionals to work and grow in clean energy companies.