What is the Internship Program?
The internship program is designed to provide employment pathways in clean energy for students entering their final year of university, and to support clean energy companies with identifying future employees.

The program will strengthen the students' professional and technical skills so that they are
ready and qualified for their job.
Internships Positions
Clean energy companies are proposing one or two positions as electrical engineer, technical sale or to support their communication and marketing department
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Solar Green Energy Cambodia

Electrical Engineer - Design, program and install electronic circuit board, and install Photovoltaic systems
Khmer Green Charcoal

Technical Sale - Support field work operations to develop sales
Communication & Marketing - Develop sales through promotion, marketing, events and social media campaigns (target clients in country side)

Communication & Marketing
Communication/writing articles and contents by collecting relevant data & information, social media , event and possibly outreach management

Electrical Engineer
- system assembly, installation, and maintenance
Technical Sales - Develop sales through marketing, promotion, and social media campaigns
NRG Solutions

Electrical Engineer - Design, sizing, costing and installation & maintenance of solar PV systems and project management support of the engineer team
Communication & Marketing - Communication, promotion, marketing, social media
RS United Ampere

Technical Sale - Sale, promotion, marketing, social media and potential support for systems installation
Pteah Baitong

Electrical Engineer -
Monitoring of DC Solar micro-grid: quality of installations, aftersales and sizing of solar systems
Communication & Marketing
- Advertising on social media, website management, design of marketing contents (banners, leaflets, and etc)

Junior Project Coordinator - Coordinating projects, offline and online marketing and communication, event-planning management, social media, writing newsletter
Sanitary Enterprise (Cambodia)

Electrical Engineer -
Design, sizing, costing and installation & maintenance of solar PV systems, support and coach local engineer
ATS Cambodia

Communication and Marketing - Be responsible for the creation and publication of energy reports through the data of an Energy Monitoring System installed within the ATS company. These reports will be used to animate the "Start Acting Green" (SAG) internal contest, which aims to make ATS employees aware of the environmental and financial impact of electricity consumption and highlight existing energy efficiency solutions.
Green Yellow

Solar Project Construction Assistant - Support the project manager to liaise with on-site contractors for the construction of solar projects

Electrical Engineer - Energy efficiency analysis of a building. Design, program and
install innovative energy efficiency solution including solar systems (On Grid, Off
Grid) and energy efficiency digital solutions
Specialised Sales - Sale, promotion, advise the client to develop the appropriate solutions and services to bring the client the expected technical, business and financial outcomes
Components of the Internship Program
Job Readiness Training
Work placement
Alumni Program
Job Readiness Training
Job Readiness Training is designed to strengthen students soft skills, introduce the students to technical aspects of clean energy and improve their employability. EnergyLab has partnered with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) to provide four-days of work-readiness training and Sevea to provide two days of technical training. EWB's professional trainers will focus on soft skill development such as self-knowledge, communication skills, time management skills, confidence, motivation, team work and more. Sevea's training will provide students with site visits and exposure to different clean energy technologies.
Work Placement
The shortlisted applicants will be matched according to their skills and interests with the best partner company. The duration of the internship is three months, with monthly mentoring session run by our soft skills training partner EWB. The interns will receive $100 allowance per month (full-time).
Alumni Program
Interns who have finished their placements with the Clean Energy Internship Program will become part of the Engineers Without Borders alumni network. The EWB Alumni network is part of EWB's Professional Skills Development Program, and empowers candidates with valuable experiences to grow personally and professionally in the future. Alumni's will be able to participate in future trainings, events and competitions.
Why participate?
University & Vocational Students
  • Be part of a great group of students and alumni working at clean energy companies
  • 1 week job readiness training
  • Mentoring support during the internship
  • $100 allowance to support you while you an intern
  • Pathway to employment in a clean energy company
  • Opportunity to work in a company helping improve the environment
Clean Energy Companies
  • Recruitment from a range of universities and technical institution in Cambodia
  • Students are supported with job-readiness training and monthly mentoring and support
  • Students are provided with some technical training
  • Students have time to support your projects
  • Help develop a pipeline of potential employees
  • Engage with other clean energy companies through the program
  • Support the next generation of Cambodians wanting to make a difference
Application Opens
March: Companies proposing internship positions
April - May: Applications open for students. Deadline for Application is on May 31 st 2020, 11:59pm
1st - 5th:
Applicants Shortlisted
5th - 15th:
Interview Sessions
19th: Placement announced
Job Readiness Training
3-month internship program begins with monthly mentoring
13th - 17th:
Work readiness training
18th - 19th: Technical training
Work Placement
20th July: Interns start working in companies
Mid october: Internships ends & final wrap-up for students and companies
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